Monday, August 10, 2015

Thought on Staging Where we LIVE {on a budget!}

More of the decorative touches I gave our house for selling
(I did much of this when we lived here too... but added to it)

Staging the outside is essential too!

Flowers are the perfect embellishment!
{ Glad it's Summer! }

~ Entering the front door you'll see ~

More of my favorites ~ ~ ~ Sea Shells

I added cheery yellow to the master bedroom
with touches of aqua and gray

The bed vignette
A White Summer Dress and Hat

Thanks for coming on the tour!

We all 'stage' our homes
and create vignettes even if we don't call it that.
I don't know when the word "Staging" came to light
in regards to selling a home,
and has even become a profession!
{it's pleased me to no end when people ask
if a "Professional Stager" did my house}

Something interesting happened after I changed
a room some, taking away this, adding that,
purchasing a few inexpensive items to add color...
My husband said, "We should have done this before!"
(Yes, he uses the "WE" just as I do when "WE" build something)

Where we now live has so many wonderful features.
But the hall bath and the powder room were so dated.
There are other things that need to be done on this
30 year old house, and right now the bathrooms are not it.
So I decided to decorate them.
(there was absolutely no staging done on this house
when we were shown it by a realtor)

Although photos can't show the new beauty
(a small bathroom does not photograph well)
Just let me say
A huge splash of a bright floral bouquet on a shower curtain,
a colorful towel and floor mat
and a frame-less oval mirror for over the sink
from Home Depot
has turned it into a room that is a delight
even with dated faucets and light fixture!

~ I'd like to suggest ~
If there is a room in your house you are not thrilled with
a room that you wish you could remodel
or do a complete makeover on but it's just not possible...
look at it and think:
"If I were to sell this house, how would I stage this room?"
Then de-clutter, get rid of things you don't like or don't use,
or would be better in another room.

Shop your home or visit a thrift store,
a flea market or stores like Ross, T.J. Maxx or Target.
Find something that has colors that speak to you.
And then work around that.
A floral bouquet.
A painting (even as an artist I still buy inexpensive
art for my bathrooms if I see something I love)
Spray paint a tray
bright fuchsia for over the toilet and add a hand towel
in the same color, as I did for the powder room.

Then get a couple of pillows for the couch,
or a new hand towel for the bathroom.

Why not LIVE in delight
When it's possible?
It really doesn't take a fortune!
{but oh my it would be fun to decorate with a wad of cash}

~ Violet ~


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Oh Violet! You have done a magnificent job! Flowers always add a natural beauty to a home, and I love the photo of your bedroom.
Thank you so much for visiting and leaving such a sweet note for me.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

GOOD MORNING! I had some difficulty getting into your comments page; some internet difficulty on my end!

You have done such a great job on this house. I pray that just the right family will scoop up this haven that you've built and STILL add to its beauty. The colors you've chosen for the bedroom are fabulous. Aqua sure goes with most everything, doesn't it!

Have yourself another fun and fine day in the garden with the fairies beloved friend.

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Violet simply outstanding staging on your part. You amaze me.

Mystical Gypsy said...

Oh Violet - when you first built that house I had to push down some envy! I would loooovvveee to snatch it up. It's gorgeous, staged or not (but you did a beautiful job). Alas, I am stuck in Tulsa. Best of luck on the sale. ~MG

Kizzy Von Doll said...

So marvellous x

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I AM BACK! It took me all night and this morning to make my way back, but I'm glad I did. You are so right about those small powder rooms; they are almost impossible to photograph! AND...that extra pop of color added with the idea, "How would I showcase this if I were selling this house?"

I have finally learned how much fresh flowers (or some pop of color) can change the MOOD of a room. I also think de-cluttering is a great idea and we can always stand for some of that! Great ideas my friend. Now it's just a matter of having the right family come along and buy.

Charlene Ann Baumbich said...

Beautiful. The colors! I am packing up my office for a move and I am CAREFULLY packing the folding card you sent me *way back when I had a broken leg. I've kept it on display since ... It's among my Favorite Things. I'd love to touch base ... but in the mean time I wish you bountiful blessings. xo

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

BELOVED friend.....I will probably never see your eyes. UNLESS one summer I just say, "I'm taking a plane to Violet's..." Yes, we need one another and seeing another person makes all the difference and I think it's because WE are HIS vessels, His temples. To know one another, to love one another is to LOVE HIM.

Méa Strauß said...

Violet, these colours are encouraging :)) If you want to, there will be a seat d´avance be reserved. Tomorrow my mice theatre will be online :)) Remember x-mas last year??? I haven´t forgotten :))
Hugs to you, my, dear, your friend Méa

Burlap Luxe said...

Violet, you ae so right! staging, designing, loving the additions to outdoors is so good and pure for the soul! I know if the wind has blown in a paper plactic bag to the yard I gasp!! what?...not in my French cottage yard, its inportant to feel the goodness and beauty inside and out! and your yard is not staged, its naturally beautiful just like you and all you create.

Mea's theatre was amazing was it not? boy i am going to have to step it up this year LOL !

love the shells and open concept to your home, feels like one can breath, taking in the space and beauty.

I will see you soon.

beauty to your days



Burlap Luxe said...

You must go visit Lin, at her Tiny cottage in the woods.

She is in need.


Something Special said...

I love your posts on staging. I am constantly changing it up and adding different touches. I like your mix of contemporary and traditional elements. Don't blog a whole lot lately, but hoping to get back into it. Thanks for sharing