Thursday, January 29, 2009

Purple Thursday!

Antique Store Browsing ... love these!

The above house is a lavendery-blue. Isn't it pretty?!?
(No, it is not mine.)
The house below is purple on top! Not mine either.
(Why would you even think I would have a purple house?!?
My hubby would never go for it.)

I regret not buying this. It is calling me back....
and says to bring money. It wants to come home with me.
I can hear you calling oh pretty vintage vase!!!


grey like snuffie said...

We are kindred spirits when it comes to purple. And our entire little town thinks our house is purple. On the color chart it was labeled as something grey. We have DARK plumb trim boards over all the windows and the doors are the same. Inside I have 5 shades of purples and periwinkle. ahhhhh, makes me so happy. I have never seen a vase like that before...that is amazing. My husband and I are rather modern in our decor but there are times that I LOVE houses with all that gingerbread stuff (whatever it's called). Such a fun paint job on that first house. Thanks for sharing.

Kathleen Ellis said...

Oh my! be still my heart!!! You know I LOVE purple...That first vignette is calling my name...I can hear a chorus...can you?!
Great post..Violet!

The Vintage Rose said...

Oooh thanks for sharing these purple things - so pretty to look at!