Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Simple Gifts

I had so much fun making these little gifts yesterday.
The "Tussie Mussie" cone is made with sheet music
and various embellishements.

Candles embellished with glitter, sheet music
and vintage seam binding.
Making Glitter Candles
I used matte medium, but white glue diluted a bit
will also work. I used my hands and covered the candle
with the adhesive, then rolled into glitter.
So very pretty!
(I still have glitter on my thumb this morning,
how festive...)
I used 3 different glitters
shaken out onto a piece of freezer paper,
mostly clear (white) prism glitters
with purple added for the purple candles
and red for the red ones.
I was so thrilled that it worked, so I pulled out
at least a dozen candles and embellished them.
Two, wrapped beautifully,
along with some homemade fudge
makes a delightful gift don't you think?!?
Yay! for simple beauty.
Now to do the things that are actually on my list.


Charlene said...

That is a great idea!!!!! I have paid a fortune for glittered candles before. Last year I bought some big fat candles that had those clear beads on them... beautiful but, every single time you touched them (to dust or clean) the beads just FLEW OFF & scattered everywhere! What a mess!!!! After a year of dealing with the mess they made I tossed them (about $50 worth of candles) into the trash. I think your idea is a LOT better. Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas!

Lorrie said...

They are indeed beautiful and will please those who receive the gift.

Christmas blessings to you and yours, Violet.


Violet said...

I have a friend who asked me "Sheet Music?!?!?" ... "You have sheet music just laying around to cut up? (Tussie Mussie cones, pieces around the candles, etc) I realize that not everyone has so much "junk" from which to alter and embellish! LOL! I was quite excited though, to buy a large book of Bethoven sheet music at a thrift store for a dollar. And now I'm pondering how odd it is that I am commenting on my own post. yikes. ~ Violet