Saturday, October 2, 2010

True Love

Today is our anniversary
my dear one and I
have been celebrating
~ for a week ~
while on vacation
at the beach
It was the best weather they'd had all summer
on the Oregon Coast
and we were there to enjoy it
and bask in the sunshine
.... the last hurrah perhaps of summer ...
which was so needed
in our hearts
There is a totally different atmosphere
in the misty mornings
when the sun breaks through
~ the scents and sensations ~
of the beach
is healing to the soul and mind and heart.
I have been absent here for a while
the busy-ness of creating
for some shows I participated in
right up to the evening before we left on our vacation,
and my studio is an explosion of all of it
~ I had hoped the cleaning fairies would have come ~
But alas, they did not, so today,
our anniversary
shall be spent cleaning and organizing
but I think we celebrated already quite nicely!
Just wanted to say I am back in case anyone was wondering.
Have a wonderful weekend!
: )
~ violet ~


Lorrie said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your love. This last week has been a beautiful one on the west coast - perfect for a seaside getaway!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Félicitations mon amie! And Violet, if I could, I would be there with you to help clean! But it is going to look so clean and sparkly when you are done! I took some pictures last night, or should I say, I ATTEMPTED to take some photos of my little mannequin with a shiny crown up top, but they are not too clear...I will send them. SO GOOD TO HAVE YOU BACK...I am truly and sincerely so HAPPY!


Arteee♥ said...

Happy Anniversary!!! ^_^

Kathleen Ellis said...

Welcome back sweetie! Happy Anniversary!
Now...get to work on those glittered pumpkins!!! I can't wait to see them!
Have a beautiful week~
;-D Kathleen

Brenda Leyland said...

We like misty mornings too!

What a lovely getaway to celebrate your anniversary!

It's nice to get things back in sparkly order... even if the cleaning fairies didn't actually do it!

Enjoy the fruit of your labors!

Privet and Holly said...

You celebrated in
the exact same place
that I would if we'd
been able to get away!
Our anniversary is on
September 27th but no
Oregon Coast, this year....
Everything you wrote
about it is so true.
Love it!
xx Suzanne

Incipient Wings said...

that's beautiful.

Charlene said...

How funny that you used those vintage images for your annv. post. Because ours is Oct 16 & I was going to use old wedding images for my post. CONGRATS on the annv. And it sounds like your trip was heavenly. We loved Brookings OR when we were there years ago. Were you anywhere near that? Anyway... have a great weekend. HUGS!