Friday, September 9, 2011

Fabric Banners. And Nasturtiums are Taking Over

I made this 12 foot long fabric banner today.
(Two of them actually)
For a special little girl's birthday party tomorrow

The beasts wanted to pose with it for you.

I ironed the fabric onto fusible heavyweight stabilizer
and then cut out the triangles with pinking shears,
then sewed them to the ribbon.
Then I thought some torn fabric strips would be fun
so went to a thrift store and found just what I needed,
a bright pink sheet and a shimmery bright green curtain.
Tearing fabric into strips is fun
~ But threads are everywhere now ~
An okay price to pay for creativity surges!

Now, about those nasturtiums!

I planted two small plants in this little garden area behind this fence,
where last year everything died that was planted there.
Apparently, nasturtiums are what was needed!
They have decided they don't want to be fenced in
and have proceeded to move into the yard.

That's okay, I love nasturtiums!
As for my coffee table project,
I bought the "Paris Grey" Chalk Paint,
so hopefully this weekend I can get to it!
What projects are you hoping to accomplish?


Brenda @ It's A Beautiful Life said...

nasturtiums... I've only planted them once in my yard, but I think they have such a boldness about them... both in colour and their willingness to spread their beauty even beyond the call of duty in the most odd places.

Yah for nasturtiums!

Cheryl De Beer said...

I love your beasts :)
Aren’t buntings delightful, I like the added strips that has made it look completely different! Wish your daughter for her birthday, hope it is a good day. Aren’t nasturtiums such loyal plants, they will grow flower and make the place look bright and pretty.
Cant wait to see that table when it is finished.
I have so many things on my want to do list and not quiet sure where to even begin. I want to make Christmas stockings for my twin baby grandsons. I have been asked to do the wedding invites for my son's wedding - have to make samples and I have some journals on the go......

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ahhhhhh....I can see myself in your yard dearest. It is spacious, GREEN, MANICURED and so filled with your creativity. AND THE BEASTS LOOK SPLENDID!!!! I just love your outlook and vision. I so wish I could just get on a plane to go see you...hmmmmm.....why not? For a weekend?????????


Martina said...

Sooooooooo pretty your fabric-garland, LOVE! That little girl will be so happy! Have a lovely sunday!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh my sweet friend, it is always so wonderful to find you at my mean so much to me, it really has been a remarkable 3 years of finding kindred spirits and daily source of "sweet surprises"...hint hint...for my next post.

Love to you ALWAYS, Anita

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Your nasturtiums are so pretty and I love how FREE they seem to flow around your yard. These were one of my mom's favorite flowers. She would buy a packet, spread them and watch them work their magic in her yard.

The banners are amazing! You are so talented in so many areas! Bravo!!!!

Oh, and love those thrift stores!!!


Happy Birthday to your grandaughter! xoxo