Friday, May 11, 2012

We Couldn't Turn Left, So.....

The other day my friend Lynette was here to help me pack
(she is so good at packing breakables)
and we were running out of packing paper
so had to make a run for more
(and coffee and a snack as we were beginning to fade)

Well ~ as we came out of the storage place we could not turn left,
the direction to go back home..... so.....

This is how things go with us:

We had to turn right and find a place to turn around.

~ But then ~
"Oh look, there's that old antique shop we always talk about going to as we drive past on our way to somewhere else!"

"Let's just pop in there!"

We do. We begin to peruse...

Lynette squeals," Look at this accordion!!!!"

Me: "What, now you want to take up playing the accordion?!?!?"
(she is currently taking lessons for the upright bass)

Lynette, " No, my sister has been wanting one!"

She calls her sister, picks up the accordion,
and begins playing sounds that well, you could not polka to,
as I hold her phone towards it so her sister can hear.

I take a photo of her
(as the old guy who owns the shop holds up his fingers as bunny ears over her head)
and he tells us about the accordion from 1962 that is in perfect condition.

She cries out, "SOLD!"
as I try to back-track and ask the guy about a lower price
{which is obviously too late because Lynette is jumping for joy}
I'm trying to train her to be calmer when she finds a treasure but to no avail
We come home and resume packing.
Later, I listen as she tells her husband, "We couldn't turn left, so ..."

{Let's just say he was relieved her sister was paying her back }

This is typical of any day spent with Lynette
~ it is always an adventure ~

Friends that make you laugh
and distract you from packing are the best kind
I hope your lives are blessed with friends like this!
Happy Weekend!
=~ Violet ~
{P.S. ~ No, I have no idea why her sister wants an accordion}


Kate said...

You story was so funny and sweet. Love the bunny ears from the shop owner. Truly are friends are such blessings to oue hearts. Have a beautiful Mother's Day. Sending you much love from me


BoholstWife said...

true friends are hard to find now-a-days. you are lucky to have found her. mine is far away and i dont know if i will ever see her again.(other than the internet)

Love this post and teach her a lesson on trying to stay calm and maybe you could of lowered the price.

how much was he asking for?

Martina said...

Oh, this is so precious Violet! What a fun and lovely friend you have. This makes life so much better. And you still get everything done in the end! xx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

AND IF I WERE THERE, you would have even more adventure to record! Noise, laughter and other silliness always seems to follow me into wherever I go.....Could you imagine the fun we would have???????

GIVE LYNETTE A HUG FOR ME! This is such a fun post my friend. NOW GET BACK TO PACKING!!!!!!


Palomasea said...

How wonderful, Violet! Thank heavens for friends like want to be around them all the time, they make you feel so very good and happy...what a blessing!
I see a precious one now right above!! :)
- Irina

Palomasea said...
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Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

VIOLET DEAREST!!!!! I am so late in responding to my comments but I wanted to come to thank you for JOINING IN ON THE PARTY!!!!!! You are on the list my dear and three weeks should be enough time to get ready! LOVE TO YOU MY DEAR! Anita

Holly Loves Art said...

Such a darling post! Thanks so much for dropping by my blog to say hi. Hope you're having a wonderful week.