Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall Decorating 2010 Part One

He always has his nose in my photo-shoots
~ I glittered the pumpkin ~
First time to try spray glitter... it comes in a can,
like spray paint. But half the size and twice the price.
For some things I think it is worth it,
as it was to quickly glitter up this pumpkin, which is more
sparkly than it looks in the photo. really.
This little birdy made a nest in a shoe
She is so cute, so I let her stay
The size of the beautiful autumn scarves this year!
Large enough to use as a table runner
when not being worn
Re-decorated the bookcase
Lots of Sommerset Studio magazines and others
published by them, now easier to see and re-read.
The expression on this dog figurine always makes me
Lassie Came Home
I've been collecting a few dog figurines
and birds. many birds.
okay, and nests.
and sayings about birds and nests
Found these white ceramic pumpkins last year
on sale after the season was over... at an antique store.
I will use them at each place setting on
Thanksgiving Day
Until then, they will decorate the dining room table
I'm not one for much orange color
But love the white pumpkins on the table for Fall
Could not give up all of the beach decor yet
So why not place some shells in a nest
(did I mention I like birds and nests???)
A photo I took at Pottery Barn
Just think of all the decor we could do if we just hung
boards from the ceiling with ropes.
(If Pottery Barn can do it, why not?!?)
Also at Pottery Barn
this huge bird cage ... now that could be fun decor!
(and very pricey)
Most of my Fall decor is in two bins still out in the garage.
I am in the middle of dividing my studio into two rooms
so the Fall decorating is on hold for a bit longer
except for the dining room.
and the
glittered pumpkin
I am sitting at my computer in a room that was once
so pretty and organized, and it will be once again,
as I am moving my 'working studio' (aka ~ often messy
with creative explosions) stuff upstairs to the room
that is directly above my studio,
that was my husbands home office,
as he has another space for his now
See, the problem was not
that I have too much stuff after all,
it was I didn't have two rooms to put it all in.
That's my story and
I'm stickin' to it.


Lorrie said...

Have fun settling into your new 'nest.' Your autumn decor is very pretty - like you, I'm not a fan of much orange.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

VIOLET!!! Oh, I feel as if I am sitting in your dining room with you, admiring all the beauty. Let me start:

1. That shoe of which you spoke is PRICELESS with the bird. WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT?

2. Those white vintage pumpkins are ONE OF A you, I cannot use orange in my interior d├ęcor. It just is not my color. Since the exterior of our house has brick, I can put out pumpkins in the garden but the squirrels eat them! WHITE PUMPKINS WITH RUSTIC BASKETS...or nests is the way to go.

3. THE SHELLS in the nest...again, who but YOU would have thought about this. This is what makes you an artist's artist.

4. Your home is just lovely my dear. Thank you for this tour of your mind, and your heart. OH THAT DOG OF YOURS is too funny. He really wants to snoop around and see what he can chew, doesn't he? LOVE, Anita

Charlene said...

I just LOVE the pumpkin with the glitter & I never tried that before!!!! I would have NEVER thought of that so THANK YOU for sharing the idea. I went to Farmers Market today & bought many pumpkins. Loved the the nose in the photo checking things out!!! So cute! And adored the collie/Lassie comes home because it reminded me of Reba. HUGS!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

VIOLET!!! I just emailed you. Thank you for visiting my play post! OH yes, DRESS UP is one of the many play things that keeps me going and thinking and plotting and planning, and to do it with a friend, TANT MIEUX! (all the better). THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVELY COMMENTS ALWAYS and for always coming "out to play with me."

Have a wonderful week, Anita

Brenda Leyland said...

Enjoyed the tour! I could almost smell the spray of glitter on your pumpkins!

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Love your story girl! Whatever works! Love the sweet Afghan Hound too. A few years ago I lived with 4 of them~ ~but sadly they are all gone now to doggie heaven. I miss their antics so much and would love to have another one.
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

Privet and Holly said...

Think I'm off
to get glitter
for pumpkins, today!
My daughter also
collects vintage
dog figurines ~
Yours are so sweet!
You are going to
have so much fun
in your new space!!
xx Suzanne

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

VIOLET! Your tag this week and another sweet gift came at the same time...It touched me so because the care and beauty with which you both wrapped and created the gifts speaks volumes of love. MERCI DE TOUT MON COEUR! Anita

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Everything is so Pretty! Love the glittered pumpkins as I am NUTS for anything with glitter! I also love your ceramic dogs (the real one too)...they are so pretty!

Have fun getting organized in your new room!

Lou Cinda :)

Say It In Color said...

Ohhhh, Violet....these two posts were just what I needed to settle my soul today!! I'm physically tired and am sitting with total quiet...needed....and just pouring over your beautiful displays and arrangements and placements of it all, including the wonderful porcelain have such an eye!....every picture so pleasing and a joy. Your fabulous collection of vintage gowns are amazing!! Have you ever thought of illustrating them or doing portraits of the gowns alone? I mean with your style of painting, I imagine them in an elegant boutique or a cherished pampered room. LOVE, LOVE the scripture with it all....TODAY your Posts/these two were medicine to my soul!!! Just beauty and touches of loved detailed by one of His blessed and talented children....YOU!

Say It In Color said...

Forgot to mention or ask...where did you get that gorgeous three tiered cake stand with the crystals? And I love your white pumpkins!! Orange is hard...I have even put a wash of pink over them.

Kathleen Ellis said...

Hello dear Violet~
This and the previous 2 posts are so lovely...they made me smile...and wish I had been able to attend the Bloggers Ball! It looks like it was lots of fun! I can't wait to see what you wore!
Where did you get the spray glitter for your pumpkins? Craft store or hardware store?

I will most graciously accept my gift for are so sweet to think of me! How exciting to be able to have TWO rooms now for your studio! I am envious! Can't wait to see the final results.
You have a most beautiful week....this last week of October, can you believe it?!
hugs~ Kathleen